I have just wasted 30 minutes trying to download a poster for my forthcoming exhibition of fused and lampworked glass at Art at the Point Gallery at Bruny Island. I will have to ask Jenny on Monday how to do it.  At least I managed to ad a photo of one of the glass panels I did for Louise Crossley on South Bruny even if I still did not manage to get it the right way up! A lot of the work that will be in the Exhibition is using that “Channel View” theme and they are turning out very well. So far I have 13 items with 6 more panels and a couple of plates to go….not to mention a heap of firing.

On the jewellery front I have thirteen necklaces done, and am now getting ready to do bracelets and earrings to match. I dont usually do sets but I thought for the Exhibition it would be a good way to differentiate that work (which is all new and different to my previous stuff) from the various bits and pieces I submit to Art at the Point on a regular basis.

I am a massive fan of Merinda Young, at Tudor Rose Glassworks in Kingston. As well as being a glass master artist, she is just the best kiln master I know! Everything I have fired so far has turned out wonderfully.

Will get back to the blog more regularly now because I have finally found the instructions on how to do it!! See you later.