Beads are by the by at the moment – it’s all blood and bandaids around here! Because most of my fused glass panels are made up of various shaped little jigsaw pieces of glass I just cut and cut and suddenly – where is all that blood coming from? Bugger – fingers are dripping red stuff in a couple of places and it doesnt matter how often you suck them dry, they just keep flowing. I wouldnt mind so much except blood on the glass fuses in the kiln  to a nasty brown iron stain which doesnt look good in a sparkly turquoise water and azure skies type of glass panel.

Have just spent the day at Merinda’s loading the kiln with eight or nine pieces for the Fire and Light Exhibition at Art at the Point Gallery on Bruny. Am very impressed with the glass paints – great to sketch with then add frits of appropriate colours to fuse into the image.

The trouble with bandaids is that after a couple of days they start to look like a nasty little furry animal that has died on the end of your fingers. And then eventually they fall off and you are constantly finding them in embarrassing places. I have tried the see-through plastic ones but they dont stick very well, so the best ones are the fabric ones but they fray. And they are no good when you are bead making because the hairy bits get tangled around the mandrel. But if you cut glass – at some point it will cut you…many times… so a knowledge of bandaids is a necessary thing.