The place is strewn with glass shards, plates, bowls, panels and jewellery. I am trying to do a price list for everything as well as writing out labels, price tags and “non dishwasher safe” stickers.

I broke the coffee table panel in half – oh!well! there’s two almost square platters.

I should have about 20 pieces of fused glass, without the unexpected extra square platters, and 12 or 13 necklaces with accompanying earrings and/or bracelets. There is always last minute stuff that I think I will just put together quickly, on the run as it were, just to have some more etc. etc. but I should just stop and relax.

Fired a kiln load (sounds grander than it is – it is only a bead kiln) with a plate, 4 coasters and some dichro jewellery. Have to deal with them tonight because I would like to fire it one more time before Saturday. Maybe I will do two more plates tonight. Who am I kidding? I will actually be very glad when this weekend is over, but it has been a very good exercise and has made me do heaps of work instead of just thinking and talking about it. What is not in the car tomorrow morning dcoes not exist anymore.

Wish me luck!