After an entire day of reading the numbers, setting the pony express controller on my kiln, going to bed with a kiln full of molten glass downstairs in the hands of the angels – this morning VOILA! Three full shelves of mixed reactions!

Top shelf – obviously too hot. Of the four coasters, two had kamikazed. One had spilt its guts all over the brooches beside it, the other one should have reminded me not to use borosilicate stringers in with spectrum 96!  (Duh!! As if you would, says every other glass fuser!) BUT the other two coasters were yummy and the jewellery that survived, was not bad.

Middle shelf – just right! FOUR yummy coasters and some OK jewellery.

Bottom shelf – this was the scientific experiment on the other glass. Worked ok – the general concensus is that the samples devitrified unless they were under clear. But all was not lost because there were ANOTHER four yummy coasters as well!

Other interesting conclusions from the firing – Gold works best ON TOP of clear, not underneath it. Clear crinkly dichro needs to be on glass base, not just the shelf. Next step – get that other kiln going so I dont have to insert a laden shelf of little balanced glass castles (hairspray does not always work as glue) with one hand, horizontally, without bashing into the walls, the pyrometer and the glass on the shelf below! Failure to achieve any of these tasks will cause the gut spilling activity mentioned above!! In my defence, this is all happening in a microscopic bead kiln with the capacity of about a square foot.

Next step – move onto the torch for more Little Shop of Horrors earrings. It has been suggested the range should  be called “Audry Too”!